Fiji Tourism a Major Industry

Fiji Tourism A Major Industry

Fiji tourism is the largest economic earner for the country with an average of 400,000-500,000 tourists visiting each year.

With such a beautiful country, lovely people, the pristine waters, white sandy beaches and great weather you can understand why it has become a popular destination. The easy flying times from both New Zealand and Australia and regular direct flights from America have opened up a number of opportunities for the country.

Fiji Beach Scene


The predominate months for visitors is the six months from April to September. The weather is lovely and settled during these months with a beautiful tropical climate so you can understand why it is very tempting for Kiwi’s and Aussie’s to escape the colder months and have a nice warm break.

The summer months from October to March are when temperatures rise to well over 30 degrees and it is known as the cyclone season. For these reasons tourist numbers are generally down during these months though a number of tour groups tend to stop off for a few days before finishing their trip.

Fiji tourism has come along way in the last six years or so, they have been forced to raise their standards in this industry to compete with other countries in the profitable winter holiday market. If you have travelled to Fiji in the past you will remember that one of the unique characteristics of the country was “Fiji Time”.


The people liked to do things at their own pace and never used to rush to get things done fast, so the service could at times be a little frustrating but as you were on holiday without time restraints it didn’t matter.

I believe this is all changing, time has speed up, and the Fiji Tourism industry is leading the way to make these changes. There has been a lot of money spent in the last few years on staff training and education, and the development of top tourism training facilities, it is slowly but surely paying off.

The people seem to be more aware that they rely on the tourist and they need to look after them so they keep coming back and so they can stay in a job.

The Fijian people are one of the country’s biggest assets. They are extremely friendly and generally excited and happy that you are visiting there homeland. They always greet you with a beautiful smile showing there white teeth against their skin and say “Bula”.


They are calm natured and not by any means intrusive on your space and time on holiday.

Unfortunately due to the unsettling political situation in recent years it has had an effect on the tourist numbers and sadly this affects everyone in some way, shape or form. The resorts have had to cut back staff hours, and in some cases have had to lay off staff. This can affect the whole village as the Fijian people are very family orientated and it is their culture to all support one another.

Numbers have started picking up again especially with a number of the resorts running very competitive packages which is extremely tempting during the long cold winter months.

The recent property boom has also had a positive effect on Fiji. There have been a number of new large resorts & hotels built in the last couple of years and a number of others under construction. This has been great for the local economy with a number of construction jobs being created and more tourist positions available with the completion of the projects.

The country caters for all age groups and types of people. Of course there are the wonderful family orientated resorts, a great place to take the children for a fantastic break. Then you have the fun, friendly backpacker resorts with all inclusive packages so all they need to worry about is their drinking money, there is budget accommodation, high end hotels and resorts and then the exclusive top market boutique accommodation that caters to the super wealthy.

The tropical cruises are also popular especially with the over 50’s age group. What ever your age and reason for your stay, whether it be a family holiday or honeymoon, I am sure you can find a suitable place to enjoy your break.


The yachting culture is also a large part of Fiji tourism. It is a great stop off point between New Zealand and Australia for the boats and a chance to gather fresh supplies. They often take time to cruise around the different Islands stopping off in sheltered bays before moving on to the next Island. Musket Cove is one place that has a wonderful yachting community which brings a unique flavour to the resort.

There are also a variety of activities available while on holiday. From snorkelling which nearly anyone can do, spectacular diving, golf, tennis, there are some well known surfing breaks, deep sea fishing trips or if you want something a little more laid back you could take an Island Hopping trip.

Of course you could just sit back and relax by the pool enjoying your favourite cocktail. There are a variety of other tourist activities and attractions to see especially on the main Island Viti Levu. For Fiji tourism is the major industry and now that the country realises this there are a number of new ventures starting up all the time.

Fiji Tourism

There is something wonderful about lying on the beach with the sun beating down on you listening to the sound of the gentle waves on the sand. It is a true paradise an oasis getaway to escape the pressures of everyday life and just relax and enjoy the laid back lifestyle. This is what Fiji tourism is able to sell to the world.

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